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*Endless Supply of Real Antiques and Collectibles, NOT Drop Ship



I resent people who waste my time. At 74, this is a major irritation to me so my promise to you is simple. IF you want to learn how and where to find an endless supply of genuine antiques and vintage collectables, you are at the right place.

This book is about how to get stuff* to fuel your online auctions.

*Endless supply of real antiques and vintage collectibles, NOT Drop Ship!

To my knowledge, I’m the only online auctioneer conducting seminars to seniors in their places of worship, soliciting probate & elder law attorneys; and selling authentic, mint condition antiques to Museums. This book is a hands-on, how-to guide to accomplish this!

It’s not about drop shipping, a scheme I loathe to discuss because some of my fellow online consignment auctioneer-friends, have fallen victim to dishonest drop shippers with catastrophic results. Many were subjected to heavy fines and humiliating publicity in their online auction community. For some, the humiliation was too much so they left the business, stained for life.

If you want to discover how I arrived at my unique Eureka Moment, read the About the Author page. It provides proof my solution works very well.

It substantiates my credentials and the expertise I gained by repeatedly applying my cookie-cutter solution. It defines a common problem faced by many antique and vintage collectable consignment online auctioneers with my solution in layman’s language.

I repeated this solution 301 times between October 2003 and May 2007. When I’m asked why did you stop conducting church seminars to seniors in 2007 my reply is: I interned from 2003-2007. In 2007, I graduated to the league I’m in now.

The book is intentionally short. You can read it in 90 minutes. There are no pictures, only the road map you will need to discover your path to perpetual online auction wealth.

This updated edition includes two new chapters about Probate and Museums.

The Probate legal process has been around for centuries. I discovered it in 2016 when I was appointed executor of my deceased brother’s estate. I learned that probate assets can be sold or liquidated should will-designated survivors (recognized by the Probate Court) have an urgent need for cash. So, I began soliciting probate attorneys and discovered another plump source of online inventory.

Any attorney who advertises Probate on their website, business card or online mall sites is fair game to solicit for your services. You only have to follow my lead and do it.

Museums are another distribution channel that have become a major source of unexpected revenue. Use my phone script and questionnaire to call each museum and see for yourself!

I’m excited about these other new sources that make this book a truly great value for online consignment sellers who are ready and willing to earn the income they so richly deserve.

I’d like to know how you are doing should you decide to apply the lessons in my book. Please e-mail me a few lines at: Stay well & prosper, Gordie Allen

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"An enthusiastic, authoritative program for turning one person's trash into another person's treasure - and making a profit along the way."

- KIRKUS Book Review

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