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"Nothing Happens Until Someone Sells Something"

As far back as I can remember, and I’m 74, this was my father’s favorite saying. As you may have guessed I was predestined to join the sales profession. Most of my dad’s closest friends were sales masters, in one form or another, selling their wares or pitching their credibility to a group of affluent investors.

Not surprisingly, I was encouraged to accompany them as they went about their daily sales rituals. I did, after school as a teenager, and later during my college summers. These sales titans became my mentors. I watched, listened and made mental notes of their actions.

Typical of the fluid nature of human behavior sales calls didn’t always go as planned. Objections were raised and often answered to the agreement of the sales prospect who was about to become a customer. When they weren’t satisfactorily answered, my mentors consistently and effortlessly practiced 3 techniques to win the business:

  1. They listened attentively to make certain they understood the objection.
  2. They paused, then recited a summary of the objection in their own words for clarification, by saying, “Ms. Prospect, just so I understand your concern, are you telling me XYZ is your preferred choice?”
  3. They slowly and deliberately recited a reply or, simply said, “Ms. Prospect, I don’t have the answer now but I’ll research it and get back to you soon, is this OK?”

Respect was always their North Star, not just demonstrated in their business dealings, but in every interpersonal encounter. As busy as they were they still found time to mentor me. For that I’m grateful, because over time, their best habits became mine.

While I spent 50 years either selling or training professional sales people, I still pause to be an attentive listener and to understand the question. Then, to the best of my ability, to answer it truthfully and in a timely manner.

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